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Erasmus+ Evs Project

The project “Suncokret’s Creative Community Centre” will host short term and long term EVS volunteers. The volunteers will conduct their EVS at Suncokret Center for Community Development in the town of Vrginmost located in Gvozd Municipality, in Sisak Moslavina County. It is a small and rural town located in beautiful hilly and forested surroundings. Suncokret provides access to educational and creative opportunities, promotion of volunteerism, increasing social inclusion and access to learning opportunities and increased access to information. The objectives of the project are to raise the awareness about volunteerism, enhance social inclusion, increase youth participation and provide non formal learning activities. Our project is conducted in a rural postwar community located in an area of special state concern. We work to provide educational, recreational activities in an area where these activities otherwise would not be readily available. In addition, we work to increase social inclusion of marginalized returnees, refugees and internally displaced. With our programs and projects we provide educational, creative and recreational activities for local children and youth that have fewer opportunities especially focusing on inclusion of children and youth. With our volunteer program we promote informal and non-formal learning, mobility and intercultural dialogue and youth have a chance to learn from other youth and widen their horizons and increase competencies and skills.

The volunteers will spend time with socially excluded rural children and youth with fewer opportunities on a daily basis, share cultures, experience and knowledge using non-formal and informal educational methodology in workshops and activities. In addition, Suncokret hosts several international volunteer camps each summer and the EVS volunteers will have the opportunity take part in these camps and meet other international youth. During the project volunteers will be involved in several activities such as: 1. Local volunteering initiatives, 2. International volunteer camps and local community actions 3. Daily educational/sports/arts/crafts programs 4. Other activities and office tasks 5. Autonomous activities and project that volunteers will develop with the support of Suncokret. 6. Promotion of EVS, YIA and volunteerism.

All the activities will be conducted in Suncokret and in the local community during the duration of the EVS service. Working methods will be participatory and volunteers will collaborate with local youth and learn together. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how to create educational opportunities for disadvantaged socially excluded poor children and youth in a postwar area. EVS volunteers will learn how to plan, prepare and implement fun and interesting learning activities. The added value is the mutual learning aspect where they will also learn about the community and increase their own skills and knowledge.

During the project volunteers will be involved in several activities such as:

1. Daily educational non formal learning workshops and activities such as:
a. Language learning- volunteers will create language lessons and teach their languages and cultures to local children and youth. In addition, EVS volunteers will participate in Croatian language classes held at least 2 a week.
b. Computer literacy- volunteers will hold computer literacy and web design classes, computer media and graphic design
c. Photo and video editing workshops and journalism classes
d. Arts and Crafts- sewing, knitting, drawing, art and creativity
e. Music, dance and theatre workshops
f. Sports activities
g. Sustainability activities- eco gardening, eco workshops and recycling activities

2. International volunteer camps and local community actions- volunteers and local children and youth will participate in Suncokret’s international summer volunteer camps where we host over 100 international volunteers during the summer as a way to increase local participation, improve the quality of life and promote volunteerism and life-long learning.
3. Other activities and office tasks -volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how a community development NGO functions
4. Autonomous activities and project that volunteers will develop with the support of Suncokret.
5. Promotion of EVS and volunteerism- volunteers will present EVS and why they volunteer to the local beneficiaries and volunteers will present their own countries, cultures and traditions to the local community.

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