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Suncokret – Centre for community development is a nongovernmental and non profit association

that was founded in 2004 as a response to the psychosocial needs of the post war community.

Suncokret undertakes community development activities in Sisak-Moslavina County. Suncokret

aims to address negative psychological, social and cultural consequences of the social upheavals in

the region; to improve the quality of life for all community members and increase social inclusion,

especially for the most deprived members of society; to promote community rebuilding, and support

development of a sustainable democratic civil society.

Suncokret conducts a wide range of projects, programs and initiatives in the local community. We

work primarily with children and youth but also adults. Suncokret bases its activities on work with

individuals, families, groups and entire community on the principles of active participation and

empowerment while supporting positive initiatives, initiating co-operation as well as mutual respect

of differences. Suncokret is committed to increasing social inclusion, democracy building, increasing

participation, community development, volunteerism and altruism, shared responsibility, equal

opportunities for all regardless of gender, religion or nationality.



  • Increasing social inclusion
  • Promotion of volunteerism and values of altruism and volunteering in the community
  • Eco activism and education, sustainability, protecting the environment and sustainable community development
  • Active participation of youth in the community
  • Developing dialogue and mutual tolerance in a multiethnic community
  • Prevention of behavioural problems and risk behaviours through constructive free time activities
  • Promotion of recreational sports activities and healthy life styles
  • Learning foreign languages through encounters and conversations with volunteers from all over the world
  • Computer literacy and increased access to information
  • Creating fun and creative free time activities for children and youth



  • Info Centre/Internet Club
  • Non-formal learning (e.g. workshops on various themes: prevention, peer education, team work, non violent conflict resolution, health and nutrition workshops, human rights and children’s rights, first aid, sports, gardening, promotion of volunteerism)
  • Psychosocial support and activities
  • After school tutoring and homework help
  • Computer literacy courses for children and adults
  • Multimedia activities for children, youth and adults (movie nights/reading room)
  • Publication of local newspapers NGO
  • Cultural events – exhibitions, theatre plays , intercultural days, cooking, celebrations
  • Dance and music classes
  • Courses in English and other languages
  • Film and theatre workshops
  • Various creative arts and crafts workshops
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Volunteer activities, both long term and short term volunteering
  • International volunteer camps
  • Hosting European Voluntary Service volunteers (EVS)
  • Multicultural cooperation and youth exchanges
  • Sustainability, environmental actions, workshops and education
  • Eco gardening, eco construction and other activities outdoors
  • Community actions and volunteering in the community (helping elderly, picking up litter)
  • Daily practical support and assistance to the local community and much more….

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