Alasdair Wood





“Dobor dan! I’m Alasdair Wood, age 19 and from Glasgow in Scotland. I’m halfway through university studying Accounting and Economics and in my spare time I like going to concerts, playing the violin and following football (my favourite team is Glasgow Celtic!).

I really enjoyed my 2 weeks in Gvozd – talking to and playing with all of the kids made me feel 10 years younger! I’ve taken home a lot of things I learned in Gvozd, for example, I have all of my friends playing Kames…although it didn’t take them very long to get better than me. Even if my card playing skills didn’t improve, all those days on the football pitch have turned me into a star striker among my friends, so I’m grateful to all the guys for a few challenging games.

I chose to come to Croatia to meet new people and experience a different way of life. In Gvozd, the children and staff made both of these so easy and I’d love to return one day to be part of the community again”.