Leila Buffa & Sabrina Riedl





An internship in Gvozd! Where?! Oh, yes it is true, it was a trip in an unknown area. We packed almost everything we had…phuuu, the luggage was way bigger than ourselves…let s go to experience Gvozd!!!
On the bus from Karlovac to Gvozd our excitement got bigger and bigger: “Will we know where to get off? Will there be anybody to pick us up?” The longer the way, the stronger our impression of entering “the middle of nowhere”. But fortunately our first and definitely not last contact with the typical Croatian hospitality: One nice girl on the bus told us, where to go off and at the busstop then was a smiling Maja welcoming us. It didn t even take 5 minutes to organise a transport service for our monster bags! Thanks Franky.

Our Gvozd experience started with a tour trough the “city” passing by the bakery, the local hair dressers, the market place, the cafes and shops and last but not least the Suncokret-Centre.

Time to move in our extraordinary hotel! The whole family was in front of the house welcoming us. Again we got in touch with the Croatian hospitality! All our stuff was already waiting in our cosy hotel room. Our host family impressed and surprised us several times: Firstly to mention Katas and Vasas all fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits, Nataschas energy in spoiling us with her cleaning skills, doing business with the family (coffee and Italian biscuits were a must!) … We will definitely never forget this stay at Katas…thankx for everything!

Here we have to tell about our Polish flat mate Hania, who also surprised us every day again. Jesus, never met somenone like you before! ;-)
But now to our internship at Suncokret. The plan was to do 6 workshops together with youngsters from the age of 13 to the topic: “Culture, Cultural Diversities and Things that we have in Common”. The aim was to reduce prejudices and stereotypical thinking. Well, that was the plan. As always the realisation is different: First of all a big challenge for us was the language barrier: Neither our English knowledge was perfect nor the knowledge of the youngsters was, so you can imagine how difficult it was from time to time, to make our point. (Thank God facial expression and gesture exist).
Then not to forget the challenging phase of puberty the kids are in. We had to “fight” against their ups and downs, the tempting computer games, their lazyness from time to time and not to forget their coolness!

But all in all we found a proper way to get along. We managed to realise some of our social work dreams and the most important thing: We had great fun and learnt a lot of each other.

And “HEI HO CHECK THIS OUT…Ivan, Drazen and DJ Tommy absolutely impressed us with their rapping skills. Because of you we got the possibility to get in touch with the rap scene ;-) and gained experience in performing live on stage…finally ;-) We hope that we will all keep this Cultural All Stars-Way of Life alive 4EVER!!! (For further information take a look at the lyrics)

Here it is time to say thank you all for your patience, hm, we know that we talked a looot sometimes ;-) and thankx for you willigness and openness to take part in our crazy games. Maja and Predrag rule! Our impression of those two guys was that they “fight” every day again to change the world into the better – step by step. We will take a lot of your power, positive energy and calmness with us to Austria! To come to an end, we have to tell you that we are absolutely happy that we had the chance to get to know Gvozd, Suncokret, all of you and the “crazy” Croatian way of life. We will leave with unpayable impressions and we gained lots of practical experiences, which enriched us personally.