Ramazan Guzel





13 July is the arrival date to Zagrebi. Having been questioned many times by the police at the airport, at last I could get permission to enter Croatia. First thing which I noticed in Zagrebi was the smooth ways and city plan. I stayed two days in Zagrebi and I was shocked by the prices. It is really expensive city. Anyone can stay in 5 stars hotel in Turkey with 60 euro but I stayed 2 stars hotel in that price. When I came to Gvozd in 15 July, I wasn’t surpried a lot, because it was the town which I draft in my mind before. Clean air, green environmet, hospitable and nice people. The works we did in Gvozd were not heavy, the only obstacle was hot weather. The sun burned all of us and turned our colours black. Girls and boys from the town helped us a lot during our works and staying in Gvozd.

Three names which I cannot forget are Žepa, Brčić, Slađa. They are really wonderful boys, girls and hooligans?. Other kids are also very friendly and helpful. One Day while I was going to home, Danijel stopped me and said “wait” He went into shop and bought icecream for me. I was surprised and blushed with his gentle behaviour. It was the only thing which I can remember now and made me happy in Gvozd. I couldn’t notice how guick days passed in here. This camp was really very beneficial for my self imrovement. I learned that I need more practice for my English. It also helped my self-confidence. I am very glad to meet Maja and Pega and I am very happy as they accepted as a volunteer for this camp. Thanx Gvozd as you accepted us as your son.