Ihave been to Gvozd two times in the last two years and the reason for this is that I am really in love with this place on earth. To write about Gvozd for me is like writing a love letter so I guess that’s the only thing I can do. It started with the summer in 2005 when I went on a two week volunteer camp at Suncokret Centar. My experiences from this camp were truly wonderful. To work and have fun with the children in Gvozd was something entirely different from everything I had experienced before. I was amazed to see that in this small village there were so many beautiful, intelligent and funny people that I enjoyed spending every minute with. The friendships that I developed during this time are very important to me I don’t think I will find a place on earth again where there are so many people that I really like at the same spot. I came back during the fall in 2005 and summer of 2006 and I’m planning to visit many more times! Some of the highlights from my times in Gvozd are spending time outside the centre singing to a guitar, playing football and volleyball at the court in the centre of the village in the evenings, to see the result of the environmental work that we did, dinners around a table or at the restaurant with other volunteers and kids, joking with the few Croatian words I’ve learned. The humour of the people in Gvozd makes me laugh as soon as I think of it. In Gvozd I felt like home only after a couple of days and I am still amazed over how quickly the young people in this village connects with volunteers and how open and friendly they are. The Suncokret organisation is a truly inspiring organisation and a great meeting point for young people in Gvozd with so much potential but so few places where they can develop. I will always admire how Suncokret is working and my time in this organisation and the people that run it have effected me tremendously in my goals and ambitions in life. I think it’s an exemplary organisation that every NGO can have something to learn from. Gvozd is one of my favourite places on earth and it is the people in Gvozd that made my experiences there so wonderful. I will always have a warm spot in my heart for my friends in Gvozd and I try everyday to be as open, optimistic and giving as they are